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The brand I would love to be a publicist for

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

You are in luck if you get to be a publicist for the brand you believe in. Things just become so easy and the passion is ignited voluntarily. In my case it has only happened with the JSM Group’s Hard Rock Café where almost all PR tools were exploited to create a desired artist and footfall pull. The ROI reached sky rocket for the brand as creativity and innovation were power packed together. Cyient was another company I was excited to create media conversations on Technology and IT in India.

Currently one of the petite products that I would love to promote is the Saregama Carvaan Radio. Personally I adore it for it is a beautiful simple blend of technology and brilliantly curated music. It is a delight of the consumer oriented content creator and publisher both. The fact that it is an endearing SKU for the Saregama enterprise makes it further simpler to get the business media footprint.

My decision to buy this was however was not influenced by a PR push. A weekday office friend advised me for the Saregama Carvaan. It was a conviction of a gratified consumer which triggered my purchase. Among any other music product in the market, Carvaan had the top of the mind recall already. This is the measure of successful PR.

The product I believe has a journey and the patrons and the potentials would love to hear of it. The technologists and the music curators could add more life to the modest Carvaan Radio which the consumers can mention in conversations. There are about 5000 pre-loaded songs and connoisseurs and also the simpletons would want to know how they were chosen, how were the playlists put together, how these songs and artists were the top of the charts.

Another innocent joy is the completely advertisement free music listening experience which is free of cost. It took me some time to realise my amazement. The last time I heard music at such ease was years back when media was limited and commercialisation was yet to take a toll. It is this experience that the Carvaan from Saregama delivers and with it a strong case of PR goals achieved.


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