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#Lockdown Special : Decoding Motivation

What’s my Kick?

Life is among those very few words which has the most number of synonyms. Among the thousands of them my favourite are - exuberance, energy, exhilaration, vibrancy, sparkle, passion, vivacity, spirit, buoyancy, dynamism, elan and the more GenZ loved Oomph.

Life is a beautiful gift where, Time is more expensive than currency. As the clock ticks, this grace of being alive is reciprocated through celebration. My kick is ‘celebration’.

Earning an opportunity to celebrate is a circle drawn full. From taking up a quest, to achieving the result, to Celebrate is the declaration of a job well done. This drive for ‘Celebration’, thus becomes a series of life experiences woven together. The bigger the celebration, the larger becomes the circle representing the magnanimity of the challenge.

I had realised that experiences matter more than the money in the wallet. And it is the result of this great feat, that at an early age, I was already contributing to the credit card economy. Nonetheless, hard work pays off and I could balance my way through the credit card trap. But as they say, ‘The celebrations must go on!’, they very well did.

Maybe, this came up to be my ideology because of being in an immediately gratifying, goal oriented profession. For a large part of a career and especially the early years, I dealt with perishable projects with result deadlines of not more than 24 hours. In Public Relations and Marketing, each day is a new game. Having lived through that high paced heartbeat and an adrenaline moment 4 times in a week, you got to celebrate. It’s a catharsis. A pat in the back. I had written about this seven years ago in this blog. 

This kick to celebrate made me ambitious for larger goals. The celebrations got bigger, less frequent but certainly, the gratification was long lasting and more peaceful. Perhaps this was coupled with growing wisdom and maturity. Perhaps not, as I came across many who lack these basic virtues despite the age.

The style of celebrating may differ and one should take pride in what pleases them. For me they were more simplistic pleasures of convenience and impulse than meticulous tiring planning. It ranged from a Broadway adaptation of Bill Nighy play to a quick visit to the serene rocks at the University, cooking with friends at home, another trip to the museum and day spent at the Literary fest followed by a Tom Alter play.     

Sometimes I spiked up the celebration by entering the green room (officially) to have the shortest yet gratifying conversation with Mr. Gulzar, Lucky Ali, Sonu Nigam... When gifted with the luxury of time, the celebration could go up as an evening gig at the Hard Rock Cafe, an Anoushka Shankar concert at the Art center, a Satyajit Ray trilogy workshop at the India International Center, a single handbag trip to Metallica Concert, a full moon starry night at Hampi and writing about it in the magazines.

Now, I wish to celebrate something that I create. I have been attempting it for a while, a novel business product, a startup, a social deliberation and action platform or simply selling experiences in life to help many other people celebrate.

That is my kick, next level!


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