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Googling it for 21 years and Branded for Life!

Brands that scale up from a noun to a verb and are a part of the everyday language, have kind of reached the peak of perfection of branding. If you don’t trust me on this… just Google it!

Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the inventors of the most transformative technology since the printing press. For all these years they have been maintaining the brand’s status as a global leader in innovation and technological solutions.

Google, the California-based internet search engine giant, is the most positively perceived brand in India and Globally. It is followed by WhatsApp, YouTube and Apple.

*According to the London-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov.

From a young age, Larry Page knew that he wanted to be an inventor. However, having read about the great scientist, Nikola Tesla dying alone and penniless, he took interest in sustainable business. He realised that in order to have an impact, he would have to commercialize his innovations.

Google’s brand value from 2016 to 2019 (in billion USD)


Google has a standard within the company of resistance to conventional advertising. In fact, they do not use models in their ad campaigns as they are not authentic and ‘Google’ is all about fairness and credibility. In the early 2010, the Google founders wanted to beam the Google logo onto the moon by lasers. However, in 2011, they chose the brand strategy of becoming a “brand for life” for their product Google Chrome.

The Google Creative Lab launched a new campaign focusing on the Chrome browser. The campaign, themed on “the web is what you make of it,” shows Chrome working in conjunction with other well-known Google products like Gmail and YouTube.

The classic campaign gathered great appreciation and was talked about as, ‘It’s probably something that Don Draper would come up with if Larry and Sergey were his clients.’

Here’s another Superbowl ad from 2010 which used no models / actors but was able to bring a joyous tear. It was made by 5 young Google recruits explaining the lesser known features of Google Chrome.

Google seems to have reached and gratified all the demographic targets it has. The brand is the biggest case study of identity, visibility, consistency and recognition. It’s simplistic, friendly, engaging and interactive. And Google has a lot to offer to the designers and the creative wizards with the opportunity to contribute with their own Doodles and ideas.

The next 21 years for Google is about

Larry and Sergei want their consumers to know that Google is the flag-bearer of technological innovation, continually relevant and is more than just a search engine. When Google underwent a big corporate restructuring in 2015, it created its experimental projects into individual companies. Alphabet is a collection of companies and businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence.

Alphabet’s mission is to make the world around you universally accessible and useful. Its, “Other Bets” as it’s called, help create new platforms for data that Google can further use to boost its search and advertising business with.

In the next phase of lifecycle, Sergei and Larry among a host of other things want to:

> Build smart devices with Android / Chrome that can augment /enhance human intelligence.

> Build robots with Boston Dynamics that can enhance human physical capabilities.

> Make homes smart with Nest to ensure humans are in tune with their habitat.

> Make transporters through Self Driving cars to carry humans around safely.

> Oh and they wants to cure death too!

The brand Google, with the leadership of Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Sundar Pichai, is driving cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to solve the world’s greatest challenges. The Wall Street reflects that Alphabet will grow earnings per share (EPS) at an average annual rate of 12.6% over the next 5 years.

With AI as the priority, the company is focused on developing sophisticated machine learning capabilities through both outside investments and in-house development. Google’s prioritizing deep learning and natural language processing so that it can more effectively process and manage growing amounts of information from both consumers and enterprises.

We’d leave with a thought to ponder upon – What Sergey and Larry created isn’t God, but it is certainly the metaphor. But it’s got answers to all our queries, at all times and from everywhere. Oh and we know that the creator exists!

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