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Marketing Communication

Making Marketing Intelligence your Partner of Growth

Leading the call for Marketing Intelligence to become an incorporated discipline in the Indian Marketing, Public Relations and Communication industry

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Understanding Web 3.0 from a marketer’s lens

Reputation Today - Metaverse Series

With Web 3.0, the third generation of internet services for websites and applications a new era is taking shape where the control and distribution of content is in one’s own hands.

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With NFTs in your PR toolkit, the Moon is the limit

Reputation Today - Metaverse Series

NFTs for Brands is one of those rare moments of disruption, adoption, and transition. In a few years from now and if implemented in the right faith and technique, the ecosystem of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is going to be life-changing.

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Metaverse, where you orchestrate your world from the living room

Reputation Today - Metaverse Series

Remember Neo from Matrix? Or Jake Sully meandering about the ‘flying mountains’ of Pandora in Avatar? You are soon going to do all that and more by embracing Metaverse. Imagine yourself orchestrating your work and leisure as Tony Stark wearing Augmented Reality glasses and instructing dear Jarvis on the go.

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Awarded as the 40 Young Turk - 2020 

Reputation Today

Recognised as among the 40 Young Turks for being the emerging leaders in Public Relations and Corporate Communications by Reputation Today.  Powered by Impact Research and Measurement.

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PR 2.0 and Embracing MarTech

Reputation Today

Building a fool-proof Marketing Campaign!
Consultancies, support the brand managers and CMOs with insight to make the best business strategy possible communicated through tactics and campaigns.

Cup of Tea

A Hot Cuppa Instant Marketing

Marketers have this tremendous pressure to make the consumer make a right swipe within 8 seconds. It’s the ultimate test of seduction out there. Only the best combination of content and media wins the race.

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Why Mindset Matters in Management

Economic Times

Mindset is how we set our minds in terms of how we see the world; how we approach our business; and how we want ourselves to become. A right mindset decides how far and how fast we can go. It is reflected in our thinking and behaviour and the consequent results.

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Marketing Intelligence, The Science Of Decision Making For Startups


Among the different buckets to fill, PR and Marketing is one which has to be inclusive in the business model. It is highly important that it is part of the operating cost from day one. And if that is decided upon, we need to ensure that each rupee spent is the right investment. Marketing Intelligence is our Oracle but backed with science.


What’s your Brand Sun Sign?

As individuals, we love to have a penchant to carve out an identity by putting a pin on an overarching trait of our personality. This way, we make it easier for others to understand us.

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PR in 2020 – Adding powers to the core

Reputation Today

When the going gets tough, the tough need a radical change. With hundreds of webinars, video calls, Zoom conferences, live chats on different platforms; the Indian PR business is yet to come out with an assuring stand for its thousands of professionals across India.
The hard fact is that – The PR community does not have to sustain but survive 2020!

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Marketing Intelligence: An immunity tonic for startups

Drawing the right kind of insights from marketing intelligence helps startup businesses understand what makes their customers tick and tailor their products and services accordingly.

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Covid19 - A litmus test for digital ready Nation

In a sluggish transition until now, the Indian Public Relations industry sees a catalyst in the Covid 19. And, from where I see it, PR ought to deliver ‘sales’.

delphique Udit Joshi.jpg

Delphique - The Red Carpet Event of MDI Gurgaon

Delphique provides a one-stop solution for all these! In its 23rd year of existence, Delphique is the National Management Convention and one of the oldest events at MDI. Being the only red-carpet event of MDI, the inauguration saw a star-studded line-up.

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PR to Become Cognizant of Revenue and Contributing to Sales

To many brand managers and marketers  the impact of PR on brands is blurred and hazy. There are many agencies who still defend their efforts with the metrics using the archaic and ancient Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). In Circa 2020, it is blasphemous to ignore technology and the role it can play to build and evaluate impactful PR campaigns.


Marketing Intelligence: The Catalyst for Your Career

Economic Times - HR World

Harnessing technology to achieve marketing objectives is estimated to be a $120 billion opportunity globally. The huge Indian market, stands merely at $100-150 million currently.


Brandsville Beckons 'Genuine' Empathy

The article is inspired by the great recent occurrences in Brandsville and published in the interest of all creative thinktanks in our fraternity.


Marketing Intelligence is an Immunity Booster for brands

Financial Express

Marketing intelligence as an immunity booster to brands, will equip the industry workforce to deal with futuristic technologies, drive innovation and lead the economy’s expansive structural transformation.

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Making your intuition fool-proof with marketing intelligence

Business Insider

Not knowing the relevant trend(s) can be devastating to a brand. Marketing Intelligence enables a brand not to err.

sjmc-aug-guest-3 Udit Joshi.jpg

Brand Communication through PR

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organized a lecture on “Brand Communication Through PR” by Mr. Udit Joshi, an Integrated Marketing Communication Specialist on 27th August 2019.

TOI, Education Times, 20200831.png

Give an intelligent boost to a career in marketing

Times of India

Marketing Intelligence as a domain is growing much faster than the average increase of jobs in other fields, writes Udit Joshi

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Why brands need to invest in machine intelligence to market products

Financial Express

India is an exciting market going through a phenomenal digital transformation. The potential of marketing intelligence however, isn’t fully realised by firms here. MarTech, which applies to harness technology to achieve marketing objectives, only stands at US $100-150 million.

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Leveraging marketing intelligence to stay ahead of the game

BusinessLine on Campus

It’s like being the protagonist of a high-end, real-life video game, where one takes calculated real-time decisions. This position is full of power, responsibility, and is such a great motivator. Evaluating new business opportunities, strategies, and proposals for the brand’s market penetration and positioning will be your forte!

doing work together

How marketing and PR will help you sail through COVID-19

While convincing the consumers to use the product again is the power of the product; leading them to the first time purchase is Public Relations and Marketing.

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About Me

Integrated Marketing Communication Specialist

Udit brings along an expansive marketing communications experience and positioning acumen to create the highest brand equity. An avid practitioner of Brand Positioning, his foundation lies in structured content creation to build the highest brand recall. He has emphasised to play a role which thrives on strategy and tactical campaigns for brand building and impact.

Udit is credited with making brands achieve their due visibility among the target audience across domains. For this, he has won several prominent Industry awards in over 11 years of Marketing Communications experience including the prestigious Abbys (Goafest), Campaign Asia among others.

As the industry is changing, Udit is a strong believer in the convergence of Marketing with the allied fields. He is leading the call for Marketing Intelligence to become an incorporated discipline in the industry and is creating avenues for its awareness and adoption.

He is a contributing author at leading marketing media platforms. Udit is aligned with Marketing and Academic institutions for varied affiliations and partnerships with an aim to contribute, deliberate and bring out best marketing communication models. As an interest, Udit helps Startups boost their business by mentoring them in their marketing and communications requisites.

Udit Joshi, Integrated Marketing Special
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